Podcast #132 - Habit Forming - Pairing Behaviors

January 9, 2019

In this podcast we review a technique you can use to improve consistency of a new habit by pairing it with an old, automatic, habit.


Podcast #131 - Conflict Resolution - Speak Your Mind

January 8, 2019

In this podcast we discuss the importance of addressing actions by others that may contribute to unhappiness in your life.  We discuss how to best address the situation in order to create a positive and corrected outcome.


Podcast #130 - Motivation - Avoid All or Nothing

January 7, 2019

Avoid setting up perfectionist goals and having a perfectionist mindset.  Life will get in the way, you will make mistakes, but, can you learn how to adapt and overcome?  Can you learn how to work within the realities of life and STILL achieve your goals?


Podcast #129 - Starvation Diets - Intermittent Fasting & Keto

January 6, 2019

In this podcast we break down the pros and cons of two popular diet strategies and discuss their benefits in the short-term but limitations in the long-term and what you should do when these diets plateau.


Podcast #128 - How to Build a Booty

January 5, 2019

Okay, here it is... allllllll the secrets of how to build that bodacious booty you've always wanted!!! haha.  Just be careful, everyone may not be ready for all that jelly!!!  (totally hoping people get this reference haha)


Podcast #127 - Correcting Muscular Imbalances

January 4, 2019

In this podcast we discuss strategies to correct side to side muscular imbalances


Podcast #126 - Coming Back After Sickness

January 3, 2019

In this podcast we discuss some training and nutrition tips to help you get back in the gym following time off from either being sick or just when life gets in the way and you've missed some time in the gym.


Podcast #125 - Change Without Change

January 2, 2019

In this podcast we discuss that if we want something to change around us or about us, we have to first change something within us.


Podcast #124 - Setting SMART Goals

January 1, 2019

In this podcast we discuss the best way to set up goals to give you the best chance for success!!! 


Podcast #123 - Menopause and Weight Gain

December 31, 2018

In this podcast we discuss the relationship between menopause and weight gain.  We discuss the most common reason why women experience weight gain during menopause and how you can best control it.